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The Ultimate All In One Non-alcoholic
Sanitizer & Disinfectant Solution


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Finally a solution developed to become best friends and defender of all skin types and surfaces without the unfriendly smell to go with it!

Aloe vera infused
Nano-spike technology
Anti - Slip
Non - Alcoholic
Food Grade Safe
Eco Friendly
Pet Friendly
Dermatologically Tested
Health Canada Approved
Available 24/7/365

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Feeling safe, In your space

We wanted to bring people a product that would kill germs and not your skin. We wanted a product that people could use on all types of surfaces and adaptable to your lifestyle and not the other way around.

With the ultimate all in one disinfectant for your day to day life, our long lasting formula helps you feel safe in your space, whether you're in your bubble or outside of it.
- Johnny A. & Nikolas P.

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