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Boldguard Brand

Where is Boldguard manufactured?

Ontario, Canada

Where can I find more information on Boldguard products? & all social media platforms under Boldguard

Do Boldguard products cause supergerms?

Effectively destroys supergerm and maintains long period of protection

How should Boldguard products be stored?

Boldguard can be stored in a dry cool area or along with all your other household or industrial products

Is it safe to use Boldguard products during pregnancy?

Boldguard has no harmful chemicals included that would provide any risk to pregnancy

Can I safely use Boldguard products multiple times a day?

Yes, you can use Boldguard as often as you need

Is Boldguard safe for children use?

Yes, Boldguard is made of 98% purified water

What is unique about Boldguard products?

Boldguard brings protection like no other with our long-lasting formula that will continue working for you all day long.

- Hand sanitizer effective up to 16HRS,
- Fabric Spray up to 24HRS
- Multi Surface up to 30 Days
- Anti-slip can last up to 2years

How fast is the effect of Boldguard when applied?

Boldguard gets to work on immediately killing germs, bacteria & viruses along with SARS-CoV-2 within the first 20 seconds  

Are any of your products flammable or explosive under high heat temperatures?

Boldguard has no alcohol within the ingredients to help making it nonflammable or explosive under high heat

What is the Boldguard all in one solution?

Boldguard all in one solution is our complete sanitization and safety program, equipping you will our ultimate products to deliver the peace of mind you need in your day to day.

Products & Effectiveness

Are the Boldguard products 100% alcohol free?

 Yes, 100% Alcohol free & Odour Free

Does Boldguard kill resident germs & transient germs
on your hands and surfaces?

Boldguard eliminates bacteria, fungi, and viruses from your hands, fabric along with hard, non-porous surfaces. Such as


- Avian Influenza A (H1N1)
- Influenza A Virus (New Caledonia/20/99), Influenza B Virus (Strain B/Hong Kong/5/72).
- Rhinovirus: the leading cause of the common cold
- Rotavirus: the leading cause of infectious diarrhea in children
- Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV): the leading cause of lower respiratory infection in childrenSARS-COV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19)


- Staphylococcus aureus (Staph)
- Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
- Streptococcus pyogenes (Strep)
- Escherichia coli O157:H7 (E. coli)
- Salmonella enterica (Salmonella)
- Campylobacter jejuni
- Klebsiella pneumoniae


- Mold
- Mildew
- Trichophyton mentagrophytes (Athlete's Foot Fungus)

What does food grade safe mean?

Food safe means that a food-grade material is also suitable for its intended use and will not create a food-safety hazard. What are food contact surfaces? A food contact surface is any surface that may come into direct contact with food

Does Boldguard really kill 99.99% of germs that may
cause illness?

Boldguard leverages an oxygen & non-volatile covalent bond to destroy and eliminate germs on surface


Do any of the Boldguard products contain any harmful

Boldguard products do not contain harmful ingredients but we still like to advise around proper use and with caution

What does use of Oxygen & non-volatile covalent
bond mean?

The interaction of Oxygen and Non-volatile covalent bond permanently affixes to surfaces providing a mechanical kill thorugh sword like spikes that help defend off germs, bacteria and viruses for a long period of time

Why do you have Natural skin oils + Aloe Vera in your hand sanitizer?

For Skin Moisturizing to help Lock in 3 moisturizers into skin for 8+ hours vs. Alcohol based formulas that burn into skin for many hours

What is the active ingredients in Boldguard?

Benzalkonium Chloride, Ethybezyl ammonium chloride, Antiseptic skin cleanser

Why does Boldguard contain no alcohol?

- Safe, non-flammable formula
- Prevents alcohol consumption/poisoning
- Will not dry skin like alcohol-based sanitizers
- Provides long term protection
- No sticky residue left behind  
- Immediate Kill 99.99% of common germs/virsus in 15 seconds  
- No water needed; rub in and let dry  
- Food grade safe

What is the different between antibacterial vs.

- Antibacterial is effective against a broad spectrum of harmful bacteria including E. coli and MRSA.* They will typically incorporate silver active ingredients, allowing for successful application in a wide variety of product types.

- Antimicrobial technologies minimize the presence of bacteria, mold, and fungi.* In contrast to antibacterial agents, antimicrobial substances offer a greater level of product protection by continuously inhibiting the growth of microbes on surfaces for very long periods of time. The broad-spectrum performance of antimicrobial substances makes them perfect for use in hygiene critical environments such as schools, hospitals, and commercial kitchens

What is the difference between alcohol-based solution vs.
Non-alcohol-based solution?

- In some cases, a non-alcohol hand sanitizer is chosen due to health, safety, or building security concerns. In other cases, it could be because using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in the past was causing skin irritation.

- Alcohol free hand sanitizers offer instant germ-killing power, are accepted by the CDC as an alternative to alcohol hand sanitizers, and are safer alternatives to alcohol-based formulations in a number of ways

Hand Sanitizer

Does Boldguard hand sanitizer really stay effective for up
to 16HRS?

Our Boldguard Hand Sanitizer is developed with Antimicrobial ingredients that will help generate a protective surface around treated area to maintain long lasting effect

Can Boldguard hand sanitizer effectively heal dry skin
through continued use?

Boldguard Hand Sanitizer can effectively heal dry skin due to the natural skin oils and Aloe-Vera within the solution

Do all hand sanitizers work the same?

All hand sanitizers are developed to accomplish a similar effect but Boldguard Hand Sanitizer takes a step further by increasing the long-term effect once applied while helping to protect your skin and keeping you protected against germs, bacteria, viruses along with SARS-CoV-2

is it safe to wear jewelry when applying Boldguard hand sanitizer?

Yes, applying our Boldguard Hand Sanitizer will have no harmful effect to jewelry as it is 98% purified water base

How long do I need to rub my hands when using the

It is recommend to thoroughly rub hands together until dry for up to 15 seconds

Multi-Surface Spray

Does Boldguard multi-surface really stay effective for up
to 30Days?

Our Boldguard multi-surface is developed with Antimicrobial ingredients that will help generate a protective surface around treated area to maintain long-term surface protection

Are there any surfaces i should not use Boldguard
multi-surface on?

Boldguard multi-surface is safe for all surface material

Is Boldguard multi-surface truly hospital graded?

Boldguard multi-surface is truly Hospital graded 100% of inactivation of viruses including H1N1,Hepatitis B&C & HIV, SARS-CoV-2, etc.

Is Boldguard multi-surface effective on soft and hard

Boldguard multi-surface is effective on all surfaces and provides long-term protection

What Organisms does the Boldguard multi-surface spray

Boldguard multi-surface has the capabilities to effectively kill the most common Microorganisms & Pathogens

How long do I need to wait to use my surface after
spraying with multi-surface spray?

Here at Boldguard we highly recommend once sprayed or fogged onto surface to wipe dry and allow for up to 30 seconds to allow for all ingredients to activate before immediate use.

Fabric Spray

Does Boldguard fabric spray really stay effective for up to 24HRS?

Our Boldguard Fabric spray is developed with Antimicrobial ingredients that will help generate a protective surface around treated area to maintain long lasting effect

Are there any fabrics I should not use Boldguard fabric solution on?

Boldguard Fabric Spray is safe for all material types as it contains no harsh chemicals or oils

What makes Boldguard different then other similar products on the market?

Boldguard Fabric Spray 98% water based which makes it versatile for everyday use on not just fabrics but can be substitute as a light stain removal along with surface disinfector

Anti-Slip Solution

How does Boldguard Anti-Slip improve slips and falls?

Boldguard Anti-slip provides millions of invisible nanotechnology spikes to help create an electrostatic bond to help increase grip and surface traction even on wet floors

Is Boldguard Anti-slip safe on all floors & shoe types?

Our solution is safe for most flooring types & safe for all shoe types

Is Boldguard Anti-Slip safe?

Boldguard Anti-Slip is 100% biodegradable + it is odorless and has an R2 food safety rating

What makes Boldguard Anti-Slip different then other similar
products on the market

Its effectiveness of up to 2YRS after application + it help repel dirt and debris so footwear and floor surfaces are easier to clean

Nano Misters

What is the capacity of the bottle? 

30ML, but you are able to purchase any amount of refill

Is it rechargeable?

The Nano mister can be recharged using the mini USB provided in the package

What solution should be used with the Nano mister?

Any alcoholic or non-alcoholic based solutions can be used, for best effect we recommend you fill the Nano mister with Boldguard solution products

Is it safe to spray on skin directly?

If using Boldguard solution spraying on skin has no harmful effect, as solution is 98% water based. If leveraging other solutions, it is recommended you spray directly on objects such as door handles, remote control, face masks, steering wheel, etc.

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