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On the shelves disinfectants and sanitizers weren’t doing our skin and surfaces any favors, so we made a solution that will

Quality is everything

We’re the best in the business.

Yes, we are saying it. Boldguard solutions not only is it non - alcoholic, our products can last from days to years.

Our Mission

Boldguard products brings a new meaning to healthcare and protection by helping individuals effectively sanitize and disinfect. As your #1 choice, we aim to provide every person and every organization the ideal solution for effective and long-term protection, resulting in healthier people and a healthier environment.

Our Values

Our core values are the principles that guide us daily in helping our customers achieve the right peace of mind. At all times, we strive to achieve excellence by remaining customer focused and by providing reliable, innovative, effective and genuine products that meet our customer's needs.

For Every 12 Bottles Sold, A Case Is Given To A Shelter

BOLDGUARD stands for a healthier and safer community for a better today & tomorrow. A key part of our mission is to be able to give back to the communities that surround us. We believe everyone should have access to products that will help them feel safe in their space at home or out in their community. Thats why BOLDGUARD supports different home & pet shelters to help ensure everyone & everything is feeling safe in their space. For every 12 bottles of BOLDGUARD solution purchased BOLDGUARD will then distribute a standard case to a local home or pet shelter in return.

Together, we can accomplish anything.

Giving Back, Is Our Duty

Feeling safe, In your space

We wanted to bring people a product that would kill germs and not your skin. We wanted a product that people could use on all types of surfaces and adaptable to your lifestyle and not the other way around.

We also wanted to introduce various ways of applying our products to all types of spaces you may occupy. And that's how Boldguard came about.

With the ultimate all in one disinfectant for your day to day life, our long lasting formula helps you feel safe in your space, whether you're in your bubble or outside of it.

We thoroughly believe once you have tried any of our products you will be pleasantly surprised on its quality and it will have you coming back for more.

- Founders: Johnny A. & Nikolas P.

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